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    Report on grouped data

    Win NT, Access 97

    Since last Thursday afternoon I have been trying to write a report which must include a count for a number of fields, some of which are grouped in different ways and I'm not sure how to go about it (Reports & sub-reports or just queries with a single report?).

    How the report needs to look:
    Region|SchoolsMailedTo|SchoolsResponded|Penetratio n| ExtraPosters|UniqueTeachers|

    With subtotals for all but region.

    Region will be the grouping i.e. North, South etc.
    SchoolsMailedTo = count of schools mailed to per region
    SchoolsResponded = count of Schools which responded per region.
    Penetration = 100/SchoolsMailedTo * SchoolsResponded.
    ExtraPosters = Sum of the extra posters field.
    UniqueTeachers = Count of teachers who responded per region(This should be greater than the number of schools responded as there may have been 2 teachers at the same school who replied.)

    I have included a Word document containing the relationships of each table.
    I may be able to supply an extract of the database if needed, however, I am hoping I have just missed something obvious.
    It's not the easiest thing to explain, but any help would be much appreciated. Please note: I have almost no experience with VBA.
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