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    Secure Sites Disconnect (IE6.0 SP1)

    I am presently unable to connect to any secure web site since (I think) installing a "Critical Update" on my office computer. I can reach the sites on my Powerbook, so I know the sites are up. I have stried to uninstall the update, but can't discern which update caused this problem. Then I tried system resore, to no avail. I have looked through the KB but haven't found anything. I am similarly unable to log onto MS Messenger. This is a problem as I can't update any of my financial accounts online as they all depend on secure connections. Anyone have any idea what is wrong, or more importantly, how to fix this?


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    Re: Secure Sites Disconnect (IE6.0 SP1)

    Try this first Can't access secure web site Knowledge Base # 813444

    Issues where people can't open up secure sites--like their bank and what not--and when you check cipher strength in the browser it shows as 0. There's a microsoft knoweldgebase article on how to fix the issue. Microsoft

    Or maybe Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and lower it from high to medium or medium to low.
    Close IE and reopen and try again to access a secure site.

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