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    Page numbers on-the-fly using Parameter (Access 200 SR_1)

    I have several reports that I need to save as PDF. Unfortunately, the Acrobat Writer does not print page numbers.

    So I need to put the page numbers in the Access report.

    I NEED:

    A way for the report to ask me what page to start with, then display the page numbers at the bottom starting with the page I requested.

    The END result:

    Report 1. [Enter Page Number: = 1 ] >>> Prints pages 1,2,3

    Report 2. [Enter Page Number: = 4] >>> Prints pages 4,5,6, etc

    Report 3. [Enter Page Number: = 24] >>> Prints pages 24,25,26, etc

    That way, when I save the reports in PDF and combine them, the Page numbers will be sequential showing one continuous report pages 1 - 200, even though they started out as 3 separate reports in Access.



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    Re: Page numbers on-the-fly using Parameter (Access 200 SR_1)

    The simplest way is to put a text box in the report footer with Control Source

    =[Page] + [Enter Page Number] - 1

    Also see ACC2000: How to Specify a Custom Starting-Page Number for a Report.

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