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    Upsize to SQL Server (Access 97/2002)

    I am trying to upsize tables and queries from Access XP to the SQL Server 2000. The tables are imported OK, but the queries are not imported in the VIEWS section. Instead, my queries are converted to tables in the SQL server. Is there a work around this? I have too many queries with criterias and parameter to upsize. I will hate to have to re-create them in VIEWS.

    Any suggestions? Work around? Or am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: Upsize to SQL Server (Access 97/2002)

    If you don't want to convert your queries to views in the SQL Server database, keep them as queries in the Access front end. If you wish, you can convert them to pass-through queries (still in the Access frontend, but they will be executed on the server) Type pass-through queries in the Answer Wizard to learn about them.

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    Re: Upsize to SQL Server (Access 97/2002)

    If you are not going to an ADP for your front-end, you can simply link to the SQL Server tables using ODBC, and continue to use your queries unless you hit a serious performance problem. Then you might want to create either a view or a stored procedure. We use that procedure with most things we upsize from Access to SQL Server.

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