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    Linked Plan, Comparing, & Act Hours (Project 2000/SR-1)

    I have three questions/projects I'm working on and I'm looking for a little insight to each one.

    1. I'm creating a master plan that will be linked to critical tasks in other plans. This master plan only needs to update itself from the other plans, no editing will be done in the master plan. I went to the Gantt chart, copied several tasks, and paste special -> link into the master plan. These tasks update correctly, but only the fields on that view were copied over. Where do I link the whole task?
    I am creating this master plan because we want to see how changes in tasks will affect tasks in another plan. I'm not sure how this will work, because I assume if I start linking the tasks in the master plan together, or setting predecessors, they will lose their link to their base plan.

    2. I created a report in Excel where I copy information from project into excel, then it tells me if it's due within a couple weeks, whether the start or finish changed, and the % the baseline hours have changed. As I'm getting better with Project and Excel, I now figure that I can do this stuff in project without any copying. My problem is that I also copy information from a past report I created, and compare that with the current report. I've attached the template to this report if anyone wants to take a look. Fields labeled with UI2 are custom fields in project. The people before me customized project so much it's a glorified spreadsheet now, but that's not the point.

    3. Actual Hours. I enter actual hours by hand each week. Sure project central could do this, but the people before me didn't trust it because actual hours kept getting re-distributed over the duration of the task. I think I've figured out why it is doing this. I enter time by week, so a task has a duration of 1 day, the time I enter for that task is entered over the whole week, changing the duration of this fixed duration task. Then project uses some crazy formulas and adds actual hours and changes the duration to 3 months from a 1 day task. Is there a way to tell it to enter actual hours to the day without zooming in?

    Justin K.
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    Re: Linked Plan, Comparing, & Act Hours (Project 2000/SR-1)

    Item 2 - You should be able to run or create a report or filter that tells you what work is coming due, (i.e,. two week look ahead). You can also use project to compare the current data data to the baseline to see if you are ahead or behind schedule. I am not sure I understand what you are doing with the prior report or even if it is necessary if you are comparing the current data to the baseline.

    Item 3 - Entering actual hours is loads of fun. Unless you input the hours daily, project will spread the hours based on the timeframe input. For example, if someone worked 10 hours on Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thrs and you input 40 hours for the week, Project would input 8 hours on each day assuming a five day workweek. If you input hours monthly, then project would spread the hours evenly over the month per the parameters setup. The durations of the tasks do not change if they are setup properly. Odds are you have them setup as effort driven. Check your tasks to ensure they are fixed duration without effort driven enabled. Then go to tools, options, and check the settings on the calculation tab.

    Item 1 - I haven't used linked plans in a while so will wait to see what others say.


    (It's been a while!)

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