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    Archiving Error: Error while aging store mailbox.. (2000 SR-1)

    A user is choosing File, Archive and choosing to archive his inbox after a certain date. The items would get moved to a PST file stored on a network drive. He clicks OK and it seems to go fine. I can see the words "Archiving.." in the status bar. But before it finishes an error appears: "Error aging the store mailbox - H:/Outlook/archive.pst could not be accessed." The user clicks OK and nothing is actually moved to the archive file. The user does have AutoArchiving turned on to work every 7 days. It had been working up to 2 days ago.

    This is what I've tried, and it's failed:
    1. renaming archive.pst and letting Outlook create a new archive.pst.
    2. Detect and Repair of Outlook - it worked fine once after doing this, then the next time it failed with the same error msg.
    3. I've also tried opening the archive.pst multiple times in the folder list and 2 different errors appear. "Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use." and the 2nd error: "The file H:/outlook/archive.pst could not be accessed." These errors appear the 2nd time I try to open the archive.pst file. The first time it opens fine.
    4. I can opened the renamed pst file with no errors in the folder list.

    Any ideas about something to try?


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    Re: Archiving Error: Error while aging store mailbox.. (2000 SR-1)

    Here's some thoughts:

    1) Does the user have read/write permissions to that spot on the H drive
    2) Could someone else have the pst open
    3) Try making a new profile for the user

    Good Luck!

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