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    MS Word bug and some questions (2000/SR 1)

    Attached is a word template that contains only a footnote. Open a new word doc via this template, make no changes and close it. You will be prompt asking if you wish to save the document regardless that you did not make any changes. Because the template has a footnote in it MS Word always thinks it is dirty. This is a bug.

    Questions: I have many custom templates that the requirements call for having footnotes so we are always getting the prompt to save a document even if no changes were made. We need to surpress this but I am not sure how to catch all of the various close events such as closing via the Windows frame X, closing the document window via it's X, using File|Exit, etc. Does anyone know?

    Also there are times when we desire to surpress accessing the SaveAs dialog via Ctrl-S and Ctrl-F4 but I have not been able to surpress the keys or to catch those events. Any idea? In Excel I am able to surpress the keys but Word does not allow it.

    Thank you

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    Re: MS Word bug and some questions (2000/SR 1)


    There have been many threads here about the difficulties of trapping every permutation of how a document closes; I'd advise you to avoid trying to do that if at all possible.

    If you put the following code into the ThisDocument module of your template, you should be able to close new documents based on it, without getting the Save prompt:

    <pre>Private Sub Document_New()
    ActiveDocument.Saved = True
    End Sub


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