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    Keyboard shortcut to launch Mozilla f/QuickLaunchT (Mozilla 1.4b)

    When I exit Mozilla a icon is placed in my Quick Launch Toolbar (Win2K OS). You can right-click on it using the mouse and select Navigator to launch Mozilla/Navigator, but isn't there a keyboard shortcut to let you do this so you don't have to reach for the damn mouse?

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    Re: Keyboard shortcut to launch Mozilla f/QuickLau

    Hi Carl:
    I'm only familiar with Win 95 & 98, so I don't know if other OS are different. Unfortunately, you can't have a keyboard shortcut for shortcuts (i.e. shortcut icons) placed in the Quick Launch toolbar directly. However, both versions allow you to specify a keyboard shortcut for a shortcut placed either on the desktop or somewhere in the Start menu hierarchy.

    1. Therefore, just drag a shortcut to either place (I use the start menu).
    2. In Win 98, you right click the menu option & choose Properties.
    3. Make sure the shortcut tab is showing.
    4. Near the bottom of the tab is a place to assign keyboard shortcuts. You can use Alt+Ctrl or Alt+Shift combinations. I use Alt+Shift+M.

    This will work regardless of whether you have Mozilla in the system tray.

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