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    Averages in a Form (2000)

    I am tracking employee performance review and am trying to create averages of certain groups - scores by location, tenure, gender, etc. I have a search page with brings up all records and then allows you to sort out the records you want. At the bottom the page is a field with the average score. I would like to have the average change as filters are applied. So when all records are visible, the average should be for all records. If a single location is selected, the average for just that office should be calculated. Is that possible? Thanks.

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    Re: Averages in a Form (2000)

    If I put a text box in the form footer with control source =Avg([SomeFieldName]), it gets updated automatically if I apply or remove a filter... Doesn't it do so for you? If not, you can try forcing a recalculation in the ApplyFilter event of the form:

    Private Sub Form_ApplyFilter(Cancel As Integer, ApplyType As Integer)
    End Sub

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