I often print handouts 9 to a page. I recorded a macro to facilitate that. The text as recorded is below.
Sub PrintHandouts()
' Macro recorded 05/20/2003 by AudioVisual

Application.WindowState = ppWindowMaximized
With ActivePresentation.PrintOptions
.RangeType = ppPrintAll
.NumberOfCopies = 1
.Collate = msoTrue
.OutputType = ppPrintOutputNineSlideHandouts
.PrintHiddenSlides = msoFalse
.PrintColorType = ppPrintPureBlackAndWhite
.FitToPage = msoFalse
.FrameSlides = msoFalse
.HandoutOrder = ppPrintHandoutHorizontalFirst
.ActivePrinter = "HP LaserJet IIISi"
End With
End Sub

I have two slide skeletons from which I create my weekly presentations. The same macro is embedded in each one. The oddity is that the macro works fine in one but insists on printing 6 to a page in the other. On the one which prints 6 to a page, if I go to the print dialog afterward, it show set for 9 to a page and if I click print at that point I get 9 to a page.

Any ideas what is happening?