Hi all,
I have a W2K machine, which connects to a network drive on a W98 machine. I connected the drive, typed in the password and it connects fine. But on the next boot, it says "incorrect password for network drive" and prompts to enter the password again. If I do, it works.
But the dumb thing won't remember it for the next time. The relevant "remember" box is checked, as it attempts to connect it again each boot, but I think it attempts to use my W2K pwd to connect, and obvioulsy fails.. <img src=/S/scream.gif border=0 alt=scream width=15 height=15>

The workround I have is to cancel the prompt, and have a batch file in the startup folder which maps it afterwards.. <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15>

any help appreciated...