In the absence of a search engine at Woody's lounge these days, I'll search the minds of the GENEROUS people who hang out here.

Because I am developing a Word template that people will use with different versions of Word, I need to test it under Word 97, 2k and 2002 (XP). On my Windows XP Pro system (SR1) I have all three versions installed, in different folders. Generally, this works well, but I have a problem.

After I have run Word 97 (and closed it down), when I try to run Word2K (and, I think, Word XP), it wastes some time wanting to reinstall/set up again. This is an annoyance, but bearable. The problem comes when the Word 2K setup procedure wants to find the Word 2K SR1 update file, and says:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a CD-RO< or other removable disk that is not available."
"Insert the 'Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional' disk and click OK."

But I got SR1 as a download, so don't have a CD to put in.
I ran the SR1 exe file I had downloaded, and it unpacked some files into the folder I gave it to work in, but went no further.
Back in the SR1 re-setup, I clicked Browse and went to the folder where I had unpacked the files, and it was looking for the file "DATA1.MSI". There is a "DATA1.MSP" file there, but not the one requested.


I'd really rather not go through this setup again procedure whenever I run 2K. Any ideas?
If not, any ideas on how to unpack DATA1.MSI and be able to point to it is needed?