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    Opening help file from a Button (2000)

    Open Help File with specific help context from a Button
    I can set the help file for the form -so pressing F1 opens help file and displays particular page, but

    how do i do this for a button, so the user knows that on certain forms there is a help page that can be accessed without experimenting with F1.

    I can open the actual HTML file for the button, but this doesn;t give access to the whole help file, what i want is for it to open the CHM file with "specific Help context ID", so if the user want to explore the help file further the option is there (he can do).

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    Re: Opening help file from a Button (2000)

    I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do. You can already set the help file for the form and the default helpcontextID for that form, then set specific topic helpcontextIDs for the various controls and subforms so that an F1 from that control brings up the appropriate help topic. If you want your user to be able to browse the help, you need a topic that is set up to allow that. You can have more than one entry point into a help topic, so you want one that includes the links to the index of your help file, as well as the specific topic.

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