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    Un-blocking Attachment types (XP)

    I frequently receive and send Access files as attachments. Outlook blocks the files, and according to the documentation, as a Level 1 type file, this is a permanent setting. Is that right? Can I do SOMETHING to let .mdb files through? I know the Access file can be zipped or renamed, but it usually takes 2 or 3 tries before my sender gets the file in some format I can receive. It would be much simpler to adjust Outlook's settings.

    Should I just put up with the inconvenience and get used to educating my clients?


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    Re: Un-blocking Attachment types (XP)

    For your own convenience, from trusted senders, you can try to get MDB out of the "Level 1" attachment list, or whatever it's called. But unless you want to walk your recipients through the process, you still might want to rename the ones you send out.

    Slipstick's help page on editing the list of file extensions is: Opening .exe Attachments with the Outlook E-mail Security Update and Outlook 2002. If you're not comfortable editing the registry, the site also lists third party software solutions that handle the dirtywork.

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    Re: Un-blocking Attachment types (XP)

    I use Ken Slovak's Attachment Options myself, it works fine. There is a link to it on the Slipstick site mentioned by Jefferson.

    Please remember that your clients may not be in a position to change the security level of attachment types - in a corporate environment the IT department may well have blocked this.

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