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    Unable to locate link documents (2002)

    Some of my data in Words are link from Excel (source documents).
    I will forward my words document to my boss (without sending her my source document) for her to add in her write-up.
    However when she open the document after she has saved whatever changes that she has made, it will show error! not a valid link (for those data that are from Excel).
    What should I do to ensure that the link datas are still intact without having me to attach the source documents to my boss??
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    Re: Unable to locate link documents (2002)

    Select Edit | Link...
    You will see a list of all linked data in your document.
    Select one or more of them.
    You can set updating to manual instead of automatic. This means that if the original data have changed, you will have to select Edit | Links... again, select the links, and click Update Now to update them. Word won't try to update the data automatically any more.
    You can also click Break Link; this will embed the data in the document, so that the document is independent of external data.

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