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    Double Axis Mark Labels (Excel 2000)

    Is it possible to have two tick mark labels on X axis. For example, Y axis is product sales, X axis is product categories in terms of product height. I want to have two axis tick mark labels, one in inches and one in centimeters stacked one on top of the other.

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    Re: Double Axis Mark Labels (Excel 2000)

    The "simplest" way if you are NOT using an XY scatter is to type BOTH in the "category" something like:
    ="1 in"&char(10)&"2.54 cm"

    The char(10) is like hitting alt-enter it is a carriage return.

    Another way adding an identical set of points "translated" into the other units and putting it on the secondary axis (it will NOT be next to it but on the opposite side. ONce you add a secondary axis you can add the secondary X-Axis and then NOT display the secondary Y-Axis

    The down side is that you must (manually or via a macro) make sure that the scales are always "synced" so when you change the Max/Min of one side the "translated values" for mIn/Max must be used.

    This will work for most chart types.

    An alternative more "dynamic" procedure is only possible with an XY scatter chart. In this one you actually "create" a Chart series (th Xs are each of the "tick labels you want, Y-values = "zero" (or wherever you want to display them, the datalabel is the translated value. Format to display as desired. You can then "hide" the markers and only display the datalabels or use the line and the "+" labels to make a simple line with tick marks. These labels and points are linked to the scale and will adjust with scaling.

    Hope this helps,

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