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    looking for editor to modify memo field (2000)

    I see that the search engine is not available. Sorry if this might have already been covered...

    I am creating an Access 2000 DB that stores a bunch of vb scripts. I am storing the scripts in a memo field. I am looking for something that I can add to a form that will allow me to edit the record data. This data needs to be formatted as straight text because I have a sub that saves the record data to a file and runs it.

    Any insight greatly appreciated.

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    Re: looking for editor to modify memo field (2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge.

    You can use a standard text box to edit memo fields:

    - Make it as high as you need.
    - Set the Enter Key Behavior property to New Line in Field.
    - Set the Scrollbars property to Vertical.

    If that is not sufficient, you could save the contents of the field to a file and open it in your favorite script editor.

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    Re: looking for editor to modify memo field (2000)

    You can also use shift-F2 to put you in Zoom mode. This might be easier to work with.
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