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    general CD burning (XP Home)

    I don't know enough! Prior to Windows XP, there were choices about types of CD's to create. Did I want to be able to use the CD on all machines, etc. Now, if those choices are available, I don't know where to find them. (1) I create a CD that can be read on any of several XP home systems, but not older (Windows 98, for instance) and I would like to be able to do that. (2) I create a CD on one XP Home system. The CD works on the "writing" computer, but not on other, same vintage, same setup systems. On another computer, the CD is "empty" and do I want to format it.

    If you have a site that gives me background and information, I'll be glad to go "read up."

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    Re: general CD burning (XP Home)


    Long ago, there was a time when men cursed and beat on the ground with sticks. It was called witchcraft.
    Today it is called golf!

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