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    Word 2000 Forms - Drop Down Box (Word 2000)

    We created a table with form fields in the cells. The first cell contains a drop-down box with 5 options within it. The issue is that the drop-down arrow is positioned in the center of the cell (alignment is left and the field shows that. I cannot find a way to adjust the width of the form field or better yet set where the arrow will appear. Any help?


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    Re: Word 2000 Forms - Drop Down Box (Word 2000)

    Dropdown form fields are very different from the combo box control in the Control Toolbox (or on UserForms). They are meant to fit into a line of text; don't have a fixed width, but adapt themselves to the width of the selected item. So the drop-down arrow doesn't have a fixed location.

    If you want the dropdown arrow to appear in a fixed location, you would have to pad the items in the list with spaces, but that is undesirable in most cases.
    The combo box from the Control Toolbox has a fixed width, but it doesn't fit into the text, and the dropdown arrow is always visible (even in print).

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