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    Access/SQL/IIS (Access XP/SQL2K/IIS)

    I have one employee that knows web front end and building a knowledge base system for our area. Right now, they have built the database in Access and most of the front end is in ASP. I have another employee that knows the back end being SQL 2000. The Access database will be migrated to SQL 2000.

    We are having a problem getting the 2 pieces to talk (SQL and IIS). They are both on their own server. What handshaking has to go on between the web application and SQL?

    Appreciate any input or where to look for this.

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    Re: Access/SQL/IIS (Access XP/SQL2K/IIS)

    Your question is really related to ASP and the use of data sources with it. In short, you have a couple of options for connecting to a SQL Server database. One involves using ODBC and working with the SQL tables through an ODBC connection. The other option is to use OLE-DB and ADO, and for new development would be the recommended path. One issue is what version of ASP you are attempting to use. If you are using ASP 3.X, you have a different set of tools than if you are trying to use In either case, you will probably want to pick up a book appropriate to the technology you are trying to use. I like the WROX books on ASP, but they may be a bit hard to find at the moment.

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