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    printing a form and an attached subform

    Not sure if this is possible but I'll ask anyway.. I have a main form with a subform on it.. The records are joined by ID fields. MainID is the Master link and SubID the Child.. This displays the matching ID numbers records from 2 tables on the form.. I would like to print, using a report, the current record of the form. Meaning print the data in the fields on the Main form and print the attached data in the fields of the subform.. I hope this makes sense.. Thanks for the help....

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    Re: printing a form and an attached subform

    Build a report that produces the record groupings that you want (you may have to use a subreport to produce the equivalent of the subform, but not necessarily). Then you can use a button or some other method to open the report and pass it a wherecondition that includes the primary key for the current main record. That will limit the report to the main record and any related records in the subreport or underlying query.

    Does that help, or haven't I made myself clear?

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