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    Word Constants (Word 2000)

    Is there anywhere that has a list of all the different Word/Office specialized constants and what they do? By this I mean the constants that start with wd such as wdSectionBreakContinuous. I can't find any specific information in the Visual Basic Help files or on MSDN.


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    Re: Word Constants (Word 2000)

    I don't know about a comprensive overview, but you can learn a lot from the Object Browser.
    Open the Visual Basic Editor and press F2 (or select View | Object Browser)
    Globals, the first item in Classes, contains (beside other things) all these constants. If you click on one in the Members list, you can see its value and to which class it belongs.
    You can also look at the classes Constants, and all classes starting with mso (MS Office constants), vb (VBA constants) and wd (Word constants).

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