Has anybody had experience in using the DocumentChange event? I'm having a problem in getting it working in Word 2000.

I used code from the MVPS site (www.mvps.org) as a guide- I've stripped it back as far as I can to reproduce the problem.

I have an add-in in the Word startup directory. I have a DocumentChange event which is working well until I run a macro- and then it stops working.

This is the code I have in the add-in:

in form "Userform1" (a completely blank form):
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
End Sub

in module "main":
Dim oAppClass As New ThisApplication
Public Sub AutoExec()
Set oAppClass.oApp = Word.Application
End Sub

in module "ShowForms":
Public Sub ShowForms()
End Sub

In class module "ThisApplication":
Public WithEvents oApp As Word.Application
Private Sub oApp_DocumentChange()
MsgBox "DocumentChange"
End Sub

When I start up Word, I get the message "DocumentChange" as I would expect. I get it every time I create a new document, swap focus, or close a document, I get the message, again as I would expect.

However, If I run "ShowForms" from the macro menu, the message does not get displayed until after I close down Word and reopen it.

The same code works OK in Word 97.