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    Tab Order in VBA

    Hi all,

    I have a strange one for you to look at...
    I have a VBA form (Excel 2000) that has multipages and frames in it.
    I have attached it in as basic a form as posible so you can have a look at the problem and make some suggestions

    I am trying to validate my textbox input before moving on.

    My problem is that I lose control of the tab order!!!
    I.E. When I tab out of a control that I am validating, if the control is the last in the frames taborder that is enabled then it tabs to the next frame, even if I change the enabled status of the next control before I leave the event procedure. Also some events don't fire in this instance, ie the AfterUpdate and Exit events and KeyUp events don't fire!!!!

    So have a go at entering amounts in the instalments, and try and get the tab order working correctly.

    I have pulled my hair out trying to figure it out.
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