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    Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)

    Need to read excel data into my word Doc and I have it working so far except for an annoying conversion pop up screen. No matter what I do the screen pops up. Is there another way to do this so that I do not have to open the Excel file as an open window? Or is there a way to bypass the pop up screen. <img src=/S/bouncenburn.gif border=0 alt=bouncenburn width=31 height=31> Any help is appreciated. Here is what I have so far.
    Thanks in advance.

    Documents.Open FileName:="C:MyFolderMyExelFile.xls", ConfirmConversions:=False, _
    ReadOnly:=False, AddToRecentFiles:=False, PasswordDocument:="", _
    PasswordTemplate:="", Revert:=False, WritePasswordDocument:="", _
    WritePasswordTemplate:="", Format:=wdOpenFormatAuto, Visible:=True

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    Re: Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)

    The code you posted will open the Excel workbook in a new window. If you want to insert it into the active document, you must use the InsertFile method of the Selection (or a Range object). This, however, will present the popup dialog too, unless you specify the range to insert. You can "click" OK in the dialog by using SendKeys.

    So your options are:

    1. Specify a range to insert:

    Selection.InsertFile FileName:="C:MyFolderMyExelFile.xls", Range:="A1:C4", _

    2. Insert the "entire" worksheet:

    SendKeys "{enter}"
    Selection.InsertFile FileName:="C:MyFolderMyExelFile.xls", _

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    Re: Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)

    Two alternatives for extracting the data are to (1) automate Excel from Word, or (2) open the file using OLEDB (ADO). But if you want to use copy/paste or you really want to convert it to Word (does that work?) I think you'll have to continue using what you're using. To "press" the OK key automatically , you could try SendKeys, but this often is flaky.

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    Re: Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)

    Here's the Automation solution. Just replace the file and sheet names with your values. I also assumed you wanted to copy a worksheet to a Word table. The code would be slightly different if you wanted to copy a chart. Reply back if you want something different. HTH --Sam
    <pre>Option Explicit
    Sub PasteFromExcel()
    ' Pastes a worksheet at the Word selection
    ' Before running this macro you must use
    ' the Tools | References menu to add
    ' the Microsoft Excel Object Library
    Const xlFILENAME As String = "c:test.xls"
    Const xlSHEETNAME As String = "Sheet1"
    Dim xlApp As New Excel.Application
    Dim xlBook As Excel.Workbook
    Dim xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
    Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(xlFILENAME)
    Set xlSheet = xlBook.Sheets(xlSHEETNAME)
    xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
    Set xlSheet = Nothing
    xlBook.Close savechanges:=False
    Set xlBook = Nothing
    Set xlApp = Nothing
    End Sub</pre>

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    Re: Read Excel Data into Word (VBA)

    Richard - I have a suite of Word macros which control an Excel spreadsheet. One takes data from Excel and places it in Word; the other takes from Word and places in Excel. I've added it as a .txt attachment and I'm sure you could modify it for your needs. Most of the code originated from the help files about controlling one Office app from another

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