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    Enabling old macros (Word 2002)

    I used to use a great macro called double page unfortunately I can only use it as an add in for the current session of Word.

    I want the macro to be available at all times, but even with security disabled, it will not work from one session of word to the next.

    I assume is has something to do with certificates and security, but I can't seem to get it working between sessions (I can load it in the current session and it works fine. If I close and open word the add in is unchecked) can anyone tell me how to fix it or fix the current version as the author has stopped supporting it.,1,00.asp

    P.S. I know I can print 2 pages on one sheet, but the page numbering (one number spread across two pages) in is something I lack the knowledge to create.

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    Re: Enabling old macros (Word 2002)

    Add-ins which are loaded through Tools/Templates & add-ins... are only loaded for the current session. If you want it to be available at all times, put the template in your startup folder. You can locate the path to the startup folder by looking in Tools/Options/File Locations & looking for the startup path.

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