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    Network broken after SP1 install (XP Pro SP1)

    I was having odd Internet problems after installing Norton Internet Security on my desktop PC, so I uninstalled NIS and installed SP1 from the network download version. I hoped that SP1 might solve the problems, and I wanted to update anyway. Now, I cannot connect to <font color=blue>anything</font color=blue> through my network card. I'm hooked to the net through a D-Link router (Ethernet). The router lights signal all OK, and I <font color=blue>can</font color=blue> connect to the net through with my laptop through wireless. Yet on my desktop PC, I cannot even bring up the D-Link admin panel through Internet Explorer.

    Everything looks OK in the Network Connection control panel settings, and my IP/Gateway/etc. settings are correct. I'm a pretty experienced troubleshooter, but I'm stumped. I also have found no mention of this problem in D-Link, Windows XP K-Base, or Woody's Lounge. Short of uninstalling SP1 and hoping (praying) it fixes the problem, any advice? <img src=/S/boxedin.gif border=0 alt=boxedin width=25 height=20>

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    Re: Network broken after SP1 install (XP Pro SP1)

    There are problems with SP-1. There are a lot of entries on Woody's Lounge but hard to find without search working. I can't recall reading of any problems, like those you are describing, related to SP-1.

    Suggest you go to This Mature Board and put SP-1 in search.

    SP-1 doesn't cause problems on all systems and the problems reported vary. In my case it was a serious slowdown, particulary in graphics programs involving file swapping. MS Tech Support gave me what they later said was bad advice to re-install my XPP over the SP-1. MS has a hot fix for the problem and you will get good help here, I'm sure. Meanwhile there is a large library on the site above. Be cautious.

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