I am posting this for An aquaintance. He has built a web based application takes input from an applicant and turns it into a .csv file on the server via the POST method. He would like to use MSquery to bring the completed form into EXCEL so it can be processed.
He wants a "one click" operation for the people in his office, as some of them are not the sort of people you would want rummaging around the contents of the web site.

He has the Excel web connectivity kit but finds it
of little use (partly because the site has been develeoped using Frontpage and it uses a slightly different file structure on the server to the ones that the web connectivity kit use as examples).
He needs to know the URL To access a .csv file and if he needs to include parameters as a last line.
The query should ideally down load all of the info and not just certain fields.
This is a subject that I have an interest in also.