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    date diff (2000)

    I have put the calculation in to work out the hours difference between two date and time fields. i.e. =[date 2] + [Time 2] - [Date 1] - [Time 1] *24 . The result I get is correct as a number of hours with a proportion of an hour following the decimal point. Just want to know how covert this to an hours and minutes format. When I put it into a form or report and covert the format of the field to short time the result is incorrect.

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    Re: date diff (2000)

    To get decimal hours, use =([Date2] + [Time2] - [Date1] - [Time1]) * 24 (note the brackets!)
    To display as hours and minutes, the easiest way is not to multiply by 24, but let the Format property take care of it: use the expression =[Date2] + [Time2] - [Date1] - [Time1] and set the Format property to Short Time or to h:mm.

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