Further to Woody's article on Reader 6.0 on today's WWW 6.07 (lot of sixes - must be a cricketer!?) anyway - a wee word of warning re the activation requirements. I liked the new eBook reader so much so that over the last month or so I bought about US$120 worth of eBooks (I travel a lot) But not following Woody's advice I glibly let my computer automatically update Windows XP and naturally crashed my hard disk, necessitating a reformat. Now the crunch is that Adobe Reader says I had my two strikes at activication (PC and Palm) and refuses to give me access to my books. Repeated attempts to get Adobe Support Services to give me a hand seems to be doomed to failure, especially as I live in Hong Kong and get directed to their Asian support service where I get the impression my English is not good enough to be understood! (But then that is not surprising - I am Scottish)

So be warned - stick to free eBooks and fight DRMs!

Cheers - IAN