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    Conditional Formating (Excel 2000)

    I am having difficulty with this conditional formatting. If the value in column A of a row is a certain value, format the row with a particular fill color. I. E. if the value of cell A1 is "Level" then format row 1 with a fill color of light blue. If the value of cell in A2 is 0 format the row with light grey, etc. This would be repeated for any such values in column A. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank-you.

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    Re: Conditional Formating (Excel 2000)

    For example, to set conditional formatting for row 1: select the entire row by clicking on the row header (the number 1)
    Select Format | Conditional Formatting
    In the Condition1 dropdown list, select "Formula Is"
    In the second box, enter =($A1="Level")
    The $ sign is to make the column reference absolute, i.e. all cells in row 1 look at the value in column A for their conditional formatting.
    Click the Format... button to set the Pattern (fill color).

    Repeat as necessary for more conditions (with a maximum of three)

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