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    Save As CSV (XL97:SR2)

    When I save a worksheet as a CSV file I get one additional line of data. If one were to open the CSV file in XL, the last row is blank. However if you open the CSV file in Word or a text editor program you see the additional row.

    Example in XL: CSV File Viewed by Word
    111,111,111 111,111,111 111,111,111
    222,222,222 222,222,222 222,222,222
    333,333,333 333,333,333 333,333,333
    ,, <-Two commas displayed

    I tried deleting the blank rows in the worksheet but still get the additional line.

    Any suggestions,

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    Re: Save As CSV (XL97:SR2)

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    I think MS-Excel is putting this extra line as an End-Of-File marker. I maybe mistaken, it could be done by the CSV routine in MS-Excel, or the program you are using to open it, such as MS-Word, try and use NotePad, or what have you.

    Try and open it back into MS-Excel and see if this line gets read.

    Try to make sure that you don't have any "dirty" cells below your data range. Dirty cells are used cells that now are cleared from what they held before.

    There is a MSKB article about finding or resetting the Last Cell, see if this helps in making sure that you are ONLY saving what you really want to save.

    Let me know if any of these help.

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    Re: Save As CSV (XL97:SR2)

    This looks like Excel thinks that the row after your last row of data is not empty. This can happen for a number of reasons:

    1- One or more cellsin the row contain some kind of formatting. For example, the cells may contain borders.

    2- The row below the last data at one time contained data which was deleted, but the workbook has not been saved since it was deleted. Excel does not reset the UsedRange until the file is saved.

    In either case, select the last row and delete it. Then save the workbook and create the CSV file again.

    One other comment. Excel's SaveAs in CSV format is notoriously buggy. You may be experiencing one of those.
    Legare Coleman

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