(Reprinted from archived copy of Post 158453 from 14-Jul-02)

I have had several requests recently regarding inserting screenshots into posts. There are several ethods, but here are two that I use:

#1] No cost outlay : MS Photo Editor
Make sure you have installed the Microsoft Photo Editor - it is part of the standard Office suite and should be found under Office Tools. If you do not have it installed:
Add/Remove Programs > Microsoft Office >
Add or Remove Features should let you do it.
Make sure Photo Editor is running then:
To grab an entire screen, press PrntScrn. Switch to PE, then Edit > Paste as New Image.
To grab just the active window, press Alt + PrntScrn, then Edit > Paste as New Image.
Once you have the image in PE, you can trim the image to suit. I find the easiest way is to click on the Select button, draw the rectangle around the relevant part of the graphic, and again Edit > Paste as New Image.
This final image can be saved as a .gif or .jpg or .png. Smaller sized pics tend to be better saved as .gif's, saving as a .jpg allows you to set a 'quality factor' - usually 70% is suitable and keeps the file size down.

#2] Minimal cost outlay : Hardcopy
My preferred method is to use Hardcopy). This allows you to hit the PrntScrn button and select any area of your screen. You can then easily add cursors, highlighting etc. It is very simple to use, and makes screen grabbing fast and easy.
The basic programme is offered as freeware, but a minimal registration fee of around $12US /