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    Adding templates to Gallery (Word XP)

    Good afternoon,

    I'm having a blast with XP. Everything I just found out in NT has changed a little bit in XP.... nice... But, what I really need to know (it's taking me too long): how can I add a template to the Word Gallery Profiles (Gallerij Opmaakprofielen in Dutch). I can find the templates in the Explorer, but when I add my file there, I still don't see it in Word, so I cannot select it to change my current document.
    I know there are other ways to change separete profiles, but the are not sufficient, so can anyone please tell me how I can make this happen?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Re: Adding templates to Gallery (Word XP)

    There are several template folders in Windows XP, not all of which are used. The folders used by Word can be found in Tools | Options..., File Locations tab, in User Templates and Workgroup Templates.

    The default location for user templates is Cocuments and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftTemplates where <username> is your Windows logon name. The default location for Workgroup templates is empty, but there may be a company wide setting. On my PC, there is another templates folder Cocuments and Settings<username>Templates, but it is not seen by Word.

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