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    Explorer Home page taken over by '' (IE 6)

    On two occasions recently something has changed my home page setting on my browser. In one case it was changed to a porn site. In another it was changed to a new search engine.
    When I went into Tools/Internet Options/General/Home Page and the setting had been changed to "". I reset the Home Page and it reverted to
    Now my browser's home page has been usurped by "". I did a search for this text and found it in my USER.DAT file in a statement that refers to "myhomepage"

    1. How can I fix this?
    2. How can I edit the USER.DAT? I tried to change it in "Notepad" but it would not let me save.
    3. How can I prevent this and how can I clear the existing virus? If it is a virus. I have recently updated Norton Antivirus and Zone Alarm. Neither prevented this.
    4. This new Home page for "" indicates no way of contacting them to express my anger. Is there a way to figure out who they are and to contact them?
    5. Is there any legal authority I can notify?
    6. Is there a web site where I can publicize this unconscionable behavior?
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    Re: Explorer Home page taken over by '' (IE 6)

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