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    Display datasheet transposed (2ksp3)

    I'm struggling to display my data with rows displayed as columns. My paper data entry form has data item (time, temperature, pulse) as row headings and TimeElapsed as column headings, as that's much more intuitive in this situation. The table, of course, is designed with the paper row headings as field names (column headings). I always try and make the form imitate the paper as much as possible, and so am trying to display in transposed datasheet format, with each column representing a record. Is this possible?


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    Re: Display datasheet transposed (2ksp3)

    Are you in Excel?
    The Transpose is given as such:
    During worksheet development, you might find that you wish you had put your data in rows rather than in columns, or in columns rather than in rows. The problem with this scenario is that you don't want to make all these changes manually. What if Excel could do it for you? It can.
    Select the data range you want to transpose and then press Ctrl-C to copy it. Now click where you want the data range to appear and choose Edit, Paste Special. When the dialog box opens, select the Transpose check box and click OK.

    If your not in Excel, you may wish to Analyze your table data in Excel, by highlighting the table icon, choosing the office links icon on the standard toolbar, and then analyze with excel. Once the data is there, follow the steps above, and then use Access's Import feature to bring it back as a new table in Access.

    Maybe I'm way off target here, but maybe that will help.
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    Re: Display datasheet transposed (2ksp3)

    In a (relational) database, rows are records (cases) and columns are fields (variables). you could design a form with the fields as row headings and one column (with the time as column heading). The only way to simulate a form with multiple columns representing multiple columns is to make each column a separate subform (the subforms can all be based on the same form object in the database window)

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