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    Modem not working

    I have a Gateway 2000 Pent II computer with windows 95. I can not get onto the internet and use my acct as normal. After loading a CD that Prodigy sent to get me into Prodigy because they purchased, I can not get my acct. by double clicking acct and then double clicking netscape. Get this message" Netscape unable to locate server, no DNS entry". This message comes up for any web address that I use. I can get into my acct. by using AOL and then netscape. I have talked 11 time to Prodigy support people and sent several emails with no correction of the problem. I have also sent email to gateway support and no help to correct problem. It is see the other people about this problem as it is not ours.

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    Re: Modem not working

    It sounds as though your settings have become obsolete and you need to log through a different set of servers. Do you have an icon for Prodigy? Perhaps there is a connection to Prodigy in your Dial-up Networking folder (inside My Computer)?

    Or, if you are able to get into, you can try to override its default DNS servers. The trick is finding the right dial-up connection; sometimes they are named DO NOT EDIT or something intuitive like that. You're looking for the domain name server settings dialog (below). If accepting the server defaults doesn't work, you can substitute other Prodigy name servers or even someone else's, as long as you don't abuse them.

    The domain servers for are: and

    Hope this helps.
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