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    Updating Tables (2000)

    Hey Folks,

    I am writing a large scale multi table Access program. I have written many small ones but nothing of this size. My problem is this. I have 15 tables all set -up with relationships based off of an accounting unit to track properties and loans. The problem I have is the PK key one table does not update the FK in the next so I cannot write my forms to update the other table. It is a 1 to many relationship and when I click on the the PK table it shows the "+" sign and the FK table. How do I get the first table to pass the data to the second table?? I have tried queries and basically at a loss.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Updating Tables (2000)

    Don't use tables or queries for data entry, use forms and subforms instead.

    You should create a main form based on the "central" table on the "one" side of the relationships, with subforms for each of the tables on the "many" side of the relationships. Join the subforms to the main form by the PK of the main table; that way, this PK will be entered in the subforms automatically when you add a record.

    If you have many subforms, put them on pages of a tab control. The tab control is a very convenient way to organize them into an uncluttered layout.

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