I have a folder I have created in my Inbox with about 200 emails in it. I have to send Meeting Notices to everyone in that folder. I have also created a Mail Rule so that people who want to receive the meeting notice puts that in the Subject line and the messages get deposited in there automatically. Hundreds of people are now emailing me wanting to receive this notice. Way more than I thought I would get.

Some of the names have been in my address book for quite a while and many of these have changed either their email address or their name since they were first entered. However most of the people are new to me and my address book.

Is there a simple or speedy way to create a Group in the Address book that contains all the addresses from that email folder? I have created a group but what I'm doing now is going through my entire address book of over 1500 email addresses and selecting the addresses individually (or a few at a time using the Ctrl key) and then dragging them into the group in the Address Book in the "Folders and Groups" pane. I have to have the OE window open beside the address book so I can scroll up now and then to keep fresh addresses in view in the OE Folder while I drag the names in the address book from the Main Identity Contacts list into the Meeting Notices Group I have created. I tried just opening the Meeting Notices Group to select addresses but I have to close it every time some address doesn't show up as the correct name.

It's consuming a huge amount of time that I don't have and I sure hope someone can suggest an easier way.

Thanks so much.