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    Sharing info to other workboooks (Excel 2000)

    I made separate logs to keep track of the miles that my wife and I ride on our bicycle. I would like to have it automatically update the info in her bike log when she rides with me, instead of having to enter it separately. In my log, I use the identifier (T) in a column, to indicate when she rides our tandem with me. I am new to Excel and am having problems figuring this out.

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    Re: Sharing info to other workboooks (Excel 2000)

    Macro could be written to search for a T and send them all. You could even check in the output to make sure the item did not exist. Need lats more details before we could do any coding. or just have you select a row to be transferred and the macro could copy this over.

    Another suggestion:
    I am NOT a big fan of having "Duplicate" data. Why don't you combine it into ONE worksheet with a column for who. This column would consist of something like "Person1", "Person2" or "Person1/Person2". This would allow using a datafilter to work with the "sublists" you could get just Person1's list, just person2's list ANY with person1 etc. You could even track MORE than 2 people with this list.

    A pivot table could summarize and even the datafilter could be combined with SUBTOTAL to get stats on the data that is visible AFTER the filter.


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