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    Currency in tables (2000)

    Can you set the currency in a table to be no decimal places? The table was created by use of the 4th choice when you click,
    Insert/new slide. 3 columns by 4 rows was chosen but the final column is to be currency, with no decimal places- ie the amounts less than whole sterling pounds are not shown. Is there a way to ensure only whole pounds are shown? This is for an exam paper practice sheet.

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    Re: Currency in tables (2000)

    In short, no. The 4th slide is a PowerPoint table object and does not provide such numerical formatting.

    An Excel table, on the other hand, could do what you are wanting. It's long been my recommendation that PowerPoint tables be used for displaying only the most basic of tabular information. Use an Excel table for more functionality, structure, and formatting options.


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