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    Macros on Contacts

    Whenever I create a contact on my palm IIIxe, this contact always gives me a message (when synching a change or just opening in Outlook) saying : "The form for this item has not been registered in this folder or in your company's form library. Because it contains macros..." and gives me the option of enabling or disabling the macro.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Whenever I open a contact in Outlook, that has been added or modified in my palm, I have to respond to this message. It is very irritating.



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    Re: Macros on Contacts

    Do you have the latest version of the Palm OS? How about your sync software? I've had a few weird problems with my Vx and Outlook that have been cured by updating the OS and others that were eliminated by getting the latest version of Desktop-to-go. The "macros" thing might also indicate a virus, so make sure you eliminate that possiblity as well.

    If you have all the latest and greatest versions, you might try checking with Palm support. I've found them to be pretty responsive.

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    Re: Macros on Contacts

    You get that message when the form is not published. If you publish the form, the error should disappear. Read the documentation for the palm software (or their web site) to see how to publish their form.

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