Never mind--I figgered it out. <img src=/S/newbrain.gif border=0 alt=newbrain width=21 height=22> I stumbled across the "Unhide..." item under the Window menu. I'll leave this here in case someone else might learn from my experience.

I've been monkeying around with this little database I set up this morning, and I decided to play around with the Startup choices. The DB has exactly one table, one form, and one report, and yes, I've split it into FE/BE.

The sole purpose for this DB is to track people who take a particular training program. When the students come in on Wednesday morning, I want them to sit down at a computer and spend maybe 20 seconds to register themselves. The registration form is the only thing the student needs to see, so I set the Startup... dialog to display nothing but that one form.

That's very cool, except for one thing: Now I can't get to the report! There's no database window, and the Startup... option on the Tools menu is inactive (grayed out). I did not create a switchboard. Now what?