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    Fail to Establish Secure Connection (XP SR1)

    I have a LAN protected by a Cisco PIX 501 firewall. Our VPN has been working fine for
    some time. However, we just set up a new remote office, connected to the
    internet via DSL. The PC at the remote office has *no* problem with internet access.

    However, when we try and connect the PC at the remote site to the VPN box --
    the whole purpose of the exercise -- the Cisco VPN client responds with the error message "Failed
    to establish a secure connection to the security gateway". I have tried
    various things with the router configuration, but none of them help. So it
    may be a problem with the configuration of the Cisco VPN Client software or more
    likely with Windows.

    The connection is: PC running Windows XP & Cisco VPN Client 3.6 connected
    to Linksys DSL router connected to DSL modem (over PPoE), which reaches over
    the internet to the PIX box.

    The Client software configuration is like:

    - Enable transparent tunneling
    - Allow IP Sec over UDP
    - Allow LAN access
    - Peer response timeout:90
    - Stateful firewall (always on)

    Some of the Windows services that are running are:

    - DNS client services
    - DHCP services
    - Cisco's VPN service
    - Network connections
    - Remote Access Connection Manager

    Some of the Windows services that are *not* running are:

    - IPSEC services
    - Application gateway layer service
    - Remote Access Auto Configuration Manager
    - Routing and Remote Access

    I just noticed that in the Event Log there are Information Alerts that "The
    Security System could not establish a secured connection with the sever
    DNS/ No authentication protocol was available." This
    has nothing to do with the PIX box or VPN, so it points at a Windows
    configuration problem. There are also events dealing with DHCP semaphore

    Does anyone have any idea what is happening and what I can do to get this


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    Re: Fail to Establish Secure Connection (XP SR1)


    We do a similar setup for our remote users. We use Cisco, we make everyone get a Linksys, etc.

    Failed to establish connection to the security gateway typically means that the Internet connection is not available whether it is cable, DSL, or some other type of high-speed access. Make sure you can get to

    Sorry for the late post. You've probably resolved this by now but I thougt I would give you my two cents.


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