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    Changing where word finds (MSWord 2000 - SP3)

    I would like to know if there is a way to get word to find in the Workgroups templates folder before it finds it in the User templates folder. In the system I am working on the users workgroup and user templates are set to different locations (user to H:/ drive and workgroup to I:/drive) I want to be able to update the styles in the I:/ drive and have them reflect through the template but as Word checks user templates directory first it is not picking up the updates - is there any way to change this.

    Hope it makes sense - thanks in advance

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    Re: Changing where word finds (MSWord 2000 - SP3)

    Hi Boyley:
    Word searches for in a particular order. You can change this by deleting every user's & putting one in the workgroup folder, but most experts agree that there are better ways to accomplish your purpose. Furthermore, a user could rebuild a in their user folder. You would be better off having users start their documents with a company wide template from the Workgroups template than messing with Each user should be free to modify their own

    For the search order, see this article

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