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    Re: Sorting Favorites (IE 6.0)

    <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15> SMBP

    <<< Faves to Go from Kelly's Tweaks Click Line 108 Left Pane >>> is always a great site to check.
    I wonder is there a Windows 2000 equivalent. I still have many friends who are still using Windows 2000, plus I also use Win 2000.

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    Re: Sorting Favorites (IE 6.0)

    I can't imagine that there would be a reason why they would not work with Windows 2000, The link to Kelly's Tweaks in this case is not for any of her tweaks, it is because the download to Faves to Go is available on the list-- the only place to get Faves to Go that I know.

    PC Mag used to offer a link to its download and many others free, but now they charge a yearly fee for their links/downloads. I would think your browser version would be the key anyway. I wouldn't expect you to have a problem with either of these two in Win 2K.


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