One (and only one) of the three identical computers in our group has decided not to handle Word documents inserted in slides properly.

When you go to edit the document in the slide...

1. You can right-click and use the Open command, but when you close the Word document and return to the PowerPoint slide, PowerPoint now sees the Word document as a picture. It doesn't matter how you exit the document; or how long the documents been in the presentation.

2. You can right-click and choose the Edit document command, and it will behave properly, and still be seen as a Word document, but we try not to use that option, as PowerPoint tends to resize the document unexpectedly. (This has been a problem we've found in PowerPoint since Office 95).

We're using Windows 98 computers with Office 97SR2 installed. Completely uninstalling Office and reinstalling it didn't work. And it *is* limited to just this computer -- the presentations behave properly on other computers. No software, fonts, or other changes were installed on or made to the computer in the time between when it last behaved properly and the time when it stopped behaving.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

- Linda H.