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    Strange but True (VBA/Word/2000)

    I made a procedure that uses three modules, each with one macro. The first copies the third to the normal template and calls the second. the second does some things and then calls the third in the normal template which attaches the normal template (thereby eliminating the calling macro) and renames the active doc. Here's the catch: When you run the procedure from the Macros dialog (Alt-F8) it works, when you run it from a keyboard shortcut, it works, but when you run it from a Tool Button it refuses to run the Normal template macro. I finally made a fourth short macro the run the first macro and used a tool button to run the fourth, and that works. Strange but true!!

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    Re: Strange but True (VBA/Word/2000)

    This observation has also been posted in the Word forum. Please avoid cross posting unless you feel it is really necessary. To avoid confusion and duplication, replies to <post#=272708>post 272708</post#>, please. I am locking this thread.

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