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    .xls, .txt, etc. (97)

    I know I've seen this before but . . .
    I'm looking for the way to import Excel, text, comma delimited, etc. files into Access. I reinstalled Access with all the bells and whistles and I still don't have this feature. I can only get to Access files. There is a registry setting that sometimes gets fouled up. Does anyone know what it is?

    I promise I will save it this time!

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    Re: .xls, .txt, etc. (97)

    Do you have the menu items File | Get External Data | Import... and File | Get External Data | Link Tables... ?

    If so, and if you select on of them, does the Open/Link dialog contain a File Types combo box at the bottom of the dialog?

    If so, which file types can you find in the dropdown list (you may have to scroll to see them all)?

    If Excel is missing from the dropdown list, take a look at ACC: Troubleshoot "Couldn't Find Installable ISAM" Error. Although this article speaks about exporting to Excel, it applies to importing too.

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