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    Adding entries into Outlook address book (Office97 on win95b)

    Hi all,

    How do I get entries into the outlook address book? I can put stuff into my personal address book but when I try to add to the Outlook address book I get told that I can't. We are running a 7 machine peer-to-peer network and have no server as such.
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    Re: Adding entries into Outlook address book (Office97 on win95b)

    Don't recall much about Outlook 97 in LAN environment, but can you clarify a couple of things? By "Outlook Address Book" do you mean a global address list, or something else? When you get an e-mail, and you open the e-mail and right-click on an address, do you get options including "add to contacts list" and "add to personal address book"? What happens when you select either of these?
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    Re: Adding entries into Outlook address book (Office97 on win95b)

    In more recent versions of Outlook, there are a couple of different settings needed to treat the Contacts folder as the Outlook Address Book. Try these steps, not necessarily in this order (hopefully someone who does this regularly will chime in):

    Tools>Services and add and Outlook Address Book service if you don't already have one

    View>Folder List, right-click Contacts, choose Properties and find the place where you enable it for the OAB

    Tools>Services (I think), look for the place to make Contacts available as an address book, or to prioritize it vis-a-vis the PAB

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